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Mom Pack This, That & Other

Welcome to the Mom Pack's Tips n' Hints

A Packful of Marketing Biz Tips

  1. Join some moms and women’s business lists at Yahoogroups.

  2. Add a monthly contest and put the link at sweepstakes/contest sites.  All the entrants will get a short email after the contest is over thanking them for entering.  Remind them to enter next month’s contest at your site, share your discounts/specials and give them information on how they can join your newsletter.

  3. Exchange banners/links

  4. Join Webrings

  5. Sponsor contests at other sites

  6. Contact the local radio station about donating gifts for their contests

  7. Pass out promotional items in your area

  8. Participate in Craft Fairs

  9. Wear a T-shirt with your business name and URL

  10. Post a car magnet with your business name and URL

  11. Pass out business cards everywhere you go.  Leave them in restaurants, public bulletin boards, washrooms, beauty/nail shops, drive-thru banks…

  12. Put your business card in the bills or correspondence you mail

  13. Write your URL on your return mailing labels for every bit of mail  you send out

  14. Establish short term goals.  Such as, “Today I will show, tell, …5 people about my…”  Be Specific.  Most importantly, Follow Through!

  15. Don’t sell; help your customers buy

  16. Establish a “niche”.  This sets you apart from your competitors.

  17. Submit to local direct mailers (coupon packs you receive in the mail)

  18. Barter your services/products for advertising

  19. Donate to organizations/groups for their silent auctions or charity events

  20. Send out a News or Press Release

  21. Write articles for websites with your signature line at the end

  22. Join your local chamber of commerce, associations, or networking groups

  23. Here’s an easy one…Join The Mom Pack™! 

Have a Tip or Hint to send us?
Let us know!

Moms promoting moms...that's what we're all about.

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