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Welcome to the Mom Pack™ Coupon Center - Get Added!

We are working the Coupon Center just like the Sponsor Center.  The only difference between being a sponsor and listing a coupon is that we want those that are not members to be able to snag a great deal through any coupon listed with us.  There's more to come, but we'll announce the rest later.

How much is it?  5.00 for one month.  Yes, only Five Dollars.

How many months can I buy up front?  Unlimited.  This is a first come, first serve basis.  At this time, we are only accepting up to 10 coupons per month.  We may add more later.

How will it work?  
We are a group of moms in business who work together to build our businesses.  Due to the overwhelming request to advertise on our site, we've decided  to open our site up to sponsors and charge an advertising fee.  Since Mom Pack
™ is a non-profit organization, we have decided that we will pool the money on a per period basis and give it back to our members under our Member GIVE BACK PROGRAM!  Details Here!

What if I don't have a banner that is the required size?
We have a team of professional graphic designers waiting to help you.  Whatever size you need can be made within 48 hours.  Contact Us for pricing.

 We are excited to be able not only to give back to moms in business by building this network, but to be able to reach out further and Give Back to our members.


Coupon Spots Available:
15 Coupon Spots
Price: 5.00/ea. 1 Month

First Come, First Serve.

NOTE:  We are temporarily shutting down the additions of new coupons. We'll reopen soon!  Watch this spot.

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