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First Time Visitors Help

New Member Questions Answered

Use these links to jump to a specific question.


What is a Mom Pack™?

Mom Pack™ started out as a packet of business information I sent out with my orders. This information I collected from fellow working moms.  My "pack" included everything from business cards, fliers, samples, coupons, pencils, etc. 

Mom Pack has now grown to include thousands of moms and women sharing their "fillers" and passing them out all over the country.  Think about it - having the opportunity to spread the word of your business for the mere cost of shipping your fillers!  Read On In Detail.... CLICK HERE


How Do I Get Started?

There are several ways to get started.  You can join our interactive chat group HERE and wait for us to approve you.  We are very careful in verifying our members so that we can control those that want to join just to spam or scam us.  Once you join that list you can introduce yourself.  Then, join the Fillers List (this is a private list for members only, you will get the link once you join the Main List) and ask any of our members to send you fillers so that you can start creating your own mom packs to hand out.  In exchange, you can send your fillers back to those that sent you some.  If you are not interested in joining the main list, you can post your filler exchange requests on the Mom Pack Message Boards.

Note:  Make sure that you specify what types of fillers you will or won't take.  If you are an Avon Rep, specify that you will not accept Avon type fillers.  If you are a company that hands out your Mom Packs at schools, specify that you will not accept "adult" themed fillers.  If you create your Mom Packs in 6x9 envelopes, specify that you will not take anything larger than that.  If theirs are larger, ask them to fold first.


What is a filler?

Fillers are what goes inside a Mom Pack.  Fillers can be anything that promotes your business.  Examples are:

  • Business Cards
  • Coupons
  • Flyers
  • Pens / Pencils
  • Samples
  • Web Cards
  • Key Chains
  • Magnets
  • Discount Cards
  • Book Marks
  • Mini Craft Kits
  • Soap Shavings
  • Scent Cards
  • Or something neat.  Be creative!

Always remember that your filler is speaking for you and representing your business.  Make sure that it's not just a crooked-cut piece of paper.  It's best to type and not hand write on your fillers. 


How should I put my Mom Packs together?

Most members use a 6x9 clear bag (envelope).  The Mom Pack buys these bags in large quantities and passes on the savings to you.  You can order any amount and still reap the bulk buying discounts.  We do not make a profit.  You do not have to use these bags.  You can put them in whatever you'd like.  Just be sure to make it looks nice.  You are not only representing your business, but everyone else's in your Mom Pack.  Buy Bags

The Mom Packs that I create have gotten so large that I put them together according to size of the fillers.  I put business cards together, then the larger items organized in back.  I always put the samples, pens, pencils, etc., in front.  When you turn over my Mom Packs you see a blank white page and I stick in a note that says:  "Here is a free Mom Pack for you.  Enjoy all of the goodies from the moms that network together."

(Browse our site, we have TONS of sayings, ideas and more for free)


I don't send out orders. Can I still join The Mom Pack?

Of course you can. There are many ways you can help promote other moms on and offline. You just have to be willing to help others promote their businesses and in exchange you are promoting your own business.   It's a great way to network together without the large advertising costs.. 


I don't have a website. Can I still join?

Certainly. Again, there are many ways to promote each other on and offline. Passing out Mom Pack™ pack at craft shows, open houses, doctor's offices, home parties and more is one way you can help promote offline.  If you are considering having a web site created, we highly recommend our design & hosting team:  The Design Shoppe


Are there dues or any type of fees?

No. This is cooperative website run by volunteers, dedicated to promoting working moms for free. All we ask is if you have some time or talent, please help out where you can. And wherever and whenever you can, promote, promote, promote.

Moms promoting moms...that's what we're all about.



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