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What is a Mom Packô

A Mom Pack is a packet of advertising pieces coordinated by individual members in order to broaden their advertising market to expand literally all over the U.S. and beyond.  The only fees involved are in what you decide to create as your advertising piece of the Mom Pack and shipping to those members whose packs you want to be added to.

Although the Members' Agreement with Mom Pack is that you do not charge a fee for an actual Mom Pack, you can charge exact shipping fees to mail a single Mom Pack to someone that requests one from you.  Generally, Mom Packs are not shipped out, but passed out at events, craft fairs, expos, doctors offices, markets, hair salons, with orders and many more places.

Mom Packs are created by individual members wanting to participate in building their business.  She requests fillers from our private interactive list from any member that wants to send to her.  You'll get this information once you apply and are approved for membership within Mom Pack by joining here.  Once approved, you will get several emails and these are very important to watch for and read through in full.  These emails are from the Mom Pack staff and are everything from how we run things to what our list rules are.  We may sound a little strict, but this is to maintain some sort of control within an organization with thousands of members.  You will not find any 'get rich quick schemes' or any junk stuff here.  We are all real moms in businesses working together for success. 

How Does It Work?
Let's say Mom #1 sends us a request to the Fillers List that she is now accepting fillers to create Mom Packs.  Note:  Don't worry if you don't have the Fillers List info yet.  You'll get that signup information sent to you after you've been approved on the main interactive list (join link above).  Mom Pack is an organization and not just about creating or getting added to Mom Packs so to get on our Fillers Interactive List you must be a Mom Pack member of our main list. 
To request fillers a member specifies the following to the list:


  • What event, if any, the fillers are for.

  • Deadline for accepting fillers.

  • How many fillers should be sent.

  • Where to send fillers or email to request address.

  • What type of fillers she is or isn't accepting.

  • What size to send and if they are larger, then specify to fold them.

Mom #2 requests fillers as well, but doesn't specify what she needs.  You can email her and ask her for additional information in private.  Keep in mind that some members may not accept fillers for events, but for the sending as a special gift to those that purchase from them.  That's your option to send fillers to those doing bigger events and/or to those simply sending out with orders.  Remember, the whole idea is getting the word out about your business.

  Mom #3 represents a company that you already do, or she represents a company that you do not want to be associated with.  This is fine.  It is your choice whom you'd like to accept fillers from.  We have a very large diverse group.  You are free to choose who you'd like to send or receive fillers from.  Just please remember it is very important to specify this upfront so postage isn't wasted in sending to you.

.....and so on......

Once you start receiving fillers for your packs in the mail, start sorting them out.  Make sure to keep them nicely organized in your Mom Pack bag, baggie, envelope, or whatever you'd like to put them in.  Keep in mind that Mom Packs are usually looked at later and what you have left with your potential customers are a reflection of you and your business.  These will speak for you when you are not there.  Therefore, fillers that you create should be neat, legible, cut straight, clean, possibly smell good, etc.  You get the idea.

TIP:  In the past it has been very effective to put a code of some sorts on your filler.  To keep track of all of this, you can print out our free Mom Pack Organizer Sheet.  You'll know who you sent what to and how many.  If you send discount cards to Mom #1, you can put a code on those as:  MP06041 and code Mom #2 as:  MP06042 and so on.  This way when your discount cards are redeemed, you know who the sale came through.   This is just an idea.  Many members have seen success in it.  One thing to keep in mind is that you will need a spot on your site for that code to be entered.  If not, it's senseless to use that kind of coding and may just use it for organizational purposes..

What are some examples of what Moms are using as Fillers?

  • Business Cards
  • Coupons
  • Flyers
  • Pens / Pencils
  • Samples
  • Web Cards
  • Key Chains
  • Magnets
  • Discount Cards
  • Book Marks
  • Mini Craft Kits
  • Soap Shavings
  • Scent Cards

These are just examples.  We have heard of some really creative ways to stand out!  Some attach a candy or mint to their filler for that added stand-out.  Check our site out to view some samples.


We wish you the best of success by joining us in creating your Mom Packs.  We have a tremendous group of moms willing to help and answer your questions.  See you on the interactive list!

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