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 Mom Packô NEWS

Watch this spot.  We'll post all updates and news here.

  • September 2012 - Cash Mob is up and running with new members being featured each month.  Please make sure you keep an eye on our home page to see who is up this week.  We appreciate your support to these members and their businesses!

  • July 2012 - Finally released from the cyberbully!  I did get my domain name back that this lunatic squatted on for two years while using my name as a domain as a scare tactic and threat.  I won the court case and slowly started publishing my story online at Thank you all for the support during this crazy experience and your notes of encouragement.  I have learned a lot throughout this process and realize that bullying isn't just among the kids - it's clearly involving adults too. 

    My words of advice are to be strong and stand up tall - truth will prevail and the bully will come tumbling down.  I also want to thank Joanne Kidd who dealt with this same bully at the same time.  During this process she was my strength as well as confidence and because of what this bully did to us, we've become true friends.  Her own story is also online so people can learn from her experience and possibly feel comforted in knowing someone else has been through what they may be dealing with. 

  • January 4, 2012 - Text Link Moms Program Update Released.

  • Mom Pack Coupon Club - Now open!  Click to join (Free)

  • May 17, 2011:  Web Stats Updated

  • April 25, 2010:  Web Stats Updated

  • March 18, 2010:  Text Link Moms Updated

  • 10/01/09:  Yes, we are behind in our updates.  For the past year, Mom Pack has had a cyberstalker threatening some very terrible things to many different people.  In time, we'll tell the full story so that you can learn from our experiences.  Full story in the works.  Sharing some details here: and also another victim shares her story about this same cyber-bully at

  • 08/01/08:  Text Link Moms Updated

  • 06/09/08:  Text Link Moms Updated

  • 03/16/08:  Consumer Watchdog Interactive List Opened.  Click To Join

  • 03/01/08:  New Head Moderator, Peggy Announced.

  • 01/01/08:  Happy New Year!

  • 11/04/07:  Text Link Moms Updated

  • 10/01/07:  Holiday Shopping Lists opens for another season!

  • 09/30/07:  Text Link Moms Updated

  • 05/04/07:  Text Link Moms Updated

  • 04/04/07:  Text Link Moms Updated

  • 03/29/07: Opens! The answer is finally here!  A DIY (Do It Yourself) Shoppe with so many features that we had to list them on it's own page!  Create your own web site and online shopping store front that gives you the freedom and peace of mind that YOU actually own YOURSELF. 

  • 03/22/07:  Text Link Moms Updated

  • 12/15/06 - Mom Pack T-shirt Giveaway Winners finally announced:
    These winners have 7 days to contact us here and send your Name, Shipping Address, Email, and Web site name from above list.  We'll also need to know your first and second choice in sizes.  Size quantities limited.

  • 11/14/06 - Mom Pack has some new things coming!  Watch our site for details!!!

  • 11/10/06 - The Mom Pack T-shirts are here!  We've bundled and packaged them up for shipping.  We're going through the Mom 2 Mom Directory, verifying our buttons, banners or links on the index page and picking winners!  Thank you for your support to Mom Pack and it's members.

  • 09/08/06 - Mom Pack T-shirts should be on site within the next 10-14 days!

  • 09/01/06 - We are tired of Angela Ledcke and her lies, scams, fraud, and constant disturbances on Mom Pack and elsewhere.  A reference site to keep everyone updated on where to protect yourselves is now available at Busted Scammers.  You'll want to keep up to date - so add this site to your favorites!

  • 08/29/06 - offers one of their custom bags to a member that has a link to on the main page of their site! 

  • 08/29/06 - Today we have an appointment to approve the Mom Pack Tshirts.  TBA soon!

  • 08/07/06 - Text Link Moms Updated & we cleaned house!  Anyone added prior to 5/25/06 was deleted.  Re-add yourself to be included again!

  • 07/15/06 - Text Link Moms Updated

  • 05/28/06 - Text Link Moms Updated

  • 05/06/06 - The Mom Packô Private Mail List Updated

  • 04/05/06 - Text Link Moms Updated

  • 02/24/06 - Text Link Moms Updated

  • 02/06/06 - New Mom 2 Mom Directory Opens.  We're cleaning house and added a whole new directory program.  Be sure to add your listing and visit other member's sites.  Click Here

  • 01/14/06 - Text Link Moms Updated

  • 11/23/05 - Drop Ship Directory Updated (Thanks CJ)

  • 10/25/05 - Text Link Moms Updated

  • 09/20/05 - Members Area Updated

  • 09/19/05 - Funny Money Added

  • 09/19/05 - Text Link Moms Updated

  • 08/20/05 - Text Link Moms Updated

  • 07/15/05 - Members Area - Updated

  • 07/14/05 - Opens - FREE Fonts!

  • 07/10/05 - The Design Shoppe FREE Web Scripts

  • 07/05/05 - Text Link Moms Updated

  • 06/10/05 - Text Link Moms Updated

  • 06/01/05 - Mom Pack Web Hosting discounts for members.  Click Here to view details.

  • 06/01/05 - Become a Web Host through Mom Pack & The Design Shoppe! Check it out!

  • 05/30/05 - Top Sites Program - Added here

  • 05/31/05 - Printable Mom Pack Bookmarks - Added

  • 06/30/05 - Members Only Area - Now Open

  • 05/30/05 - Text Link Moms Updated.

  • 04/25/05 - Text Link Moms Updated.

  • 03/20/05 - Text Link Moms Updated.

  • 2/03/05 - Changes to our Member Give Back Program - CLICK HERE

  • 1/05/05 - Text Link Moms Updated.  All participants:  Please grab the latest html.

  • 12/12/04 - Text Link Moms Updated.  All participants:  Please grab the latest html.

  • 11/30/04 - Added another free printable for Christmas - CLICK HERE AND more HERE!
    Thank you Rachel!

  • 10/28/04 - Give Back Program Details - CLICK HERE
    Give Back To Date Details - CLICK HERE

  • 10/25/04 - Text Link Moms Updated.  All participants:  Please grab the latest html.

  • 9/1/04 - Just added:  Barter Info

  • Just ADDED!  Mom Pack on the Today Show LIVE!


  • 8/24/04 - Mom Pack Coupon Center goes live!

  • 8/27/04 - now creates Mom Pack stickers - customized for you:
    Mom Pack One inch sticker
    These are one inch glossy circle stickers with your company name and the girl logo.  The stickers are VERY small. We do not suggest using these for long company names.
    Only $2.95 + shipping - CLICK HERE


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