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FAQ's of Life @ Mom Pack

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?
We have two places that you can join us.  Well, actually a few. 

1.  Our Interactive Email List:
This is a very active place and at the last check, we had over 9600+ members interacting.  The way this works is when you send an email to the group, everyone gets your email.  When you reply to a question that a member posts, it will go to just them to cut down on the overall chit chat.  This is a NO SPAM list.  Meaning, it's for networking, sharing, idea exchanging, suggestions, etc.  This is not the place to blatantly advertise your businesses.  If receiving a lot of email gets overwhelming to you, simply change your mail receiving preferences to one of the following:
- Digest Mode (you'll receive 1 email with up to 25 emails in 1)
- Special Notices (you'll receive no email in your inbox.  You'll be able to login and read mail at anytime on the web)  Choose this option over "no mail" so that you will get important or urgent info from the owner of Mom Pack only. 

NOTE:  When you join our interactive list, you will receive a few emails (automatically sent files) that contain the rules and how we manage these lists.  It is important to read and follow these rules to make sure that you can maintain your membership.

2.  Private Members Area:
This area contains private information that we share with our members only.  We do not share this access with anyone until they are approved on the above Interactive List.

3.  Message Board:
This area is actively viewed by members and visitors of  There are many board categories for you to interact with other visitors without clogging up your email boxes.  TEMPORARILY CLOSED.

Is there a membership type requirement?
We have only one requirement.  That is to have the common courtesy and appreciation to put a link back to on your site.  If you have a company sponsored web site that you really cannot put a link to back to us, please help us elsewhere.  We always need help spreading the word about MomPack.  Some members that are in this situation are adding a link to us in their signature line on all outgoing messages that they send.  Some are checking links and reporting back to us of what we should add or tend to on  Volunteers run this site - please, help us help you.

What does this cost me?

Nothing.  We work hard to keep this site free for our members.  We do have sponsor spots available if you'd like to sponsor our site and receive prime space advertising on our very active web site.  This is optional and all profits go into our Member Give Back Program.  It's a win-win situation for our sponsors and members.

What is a Mom Pack?
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How do I get started sending my Fillers?
Once you join the main interactive list, you'll receive a few files automatically.  One of those will be a file listing our spin-off lists.  We have several unadvertised lists that you can also be a part of ONLY if you are a part of the main list too.  We have the following:
Mom Pack Ads - for advertising your business
Mom Pack Fillers - for sharing and coordinating filler swaps
Mom Pack Goal Buddies - for meeting your goals
Mom Pack Holiday Shopping - for holiday shopping deals
Mom Pack Wishes - for 'buying and selling' things through a points system
Mom Pack Ebayers - for those selling on ebay
Mom Pack Healthy Moms - for sharing healthy lifestyles

Who is behind Mom Pack?
Julie Ryals.  Is the backbone that supports, maintains and handles the daily operations on along with her amazing staff who handle the interactive list portion of  Without them, this would not be possible.  The Design Shoppe is the designer and the web host for  Although, we do have to thank Lynn Korff for getting started.  Lynn has a very active business creating Personalized Piggies and continues to focus on that while staying a silent member of Mom Pack.  I cannot forget to thank our valued helpers!  The list is long and can be viewed here.  Hugs to all of you for spending time in the growth and maintenance of!

I'm not a "mom".  Can I still join?
Oh Absolutely!  We welcome moms-to-be, grandmoms, great-grandmoms, adoptive moms, work at home moms, work out of the home moms, etc.!


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